Cademy changelog

Better Invoicing and Platform Enhancements 🌟🛠️

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New Features 🌟

Invoicing Improvements 📝

  • Clearer Checkout Flow: Now displays invoice due dates more transparently during the checkout process.

  • Smarter Due Date Calculation: Ensures invoice due dates cannot fall after the course date.

  • Invoice Details in Emails: Payment request emails now include the invoice due date.

  • Overdue Payment Reminders: Automatic reminder emails are sent when a payment is marked as overdue.

  • Customisable Due Dates: Allows setting of the invoice due date when creating a new booking.

Issues Fixed 🔧

  • Resolved access issues for additional guests in blended courses.

  • Fixed contact export issues on iOS devices.

  • Addressed errors related to offer start & end times.

  • Fixed assignment of course owners to newly created courses.

  • Corrected attendee printing errors.

  • Resolved the issue where the button to invite multiple admins would keep loading.

  • Removed the "View Marketplace" option when an educator profile is hidden.

  • Fixed HTML issues when pasting from Word or Outlook.

  • Corrected admin sender name display issues on mobile inboxes.

  • Resolved form auto-populate issues with deleted options.

  • Fixed email attachment carry-over issues between different email templates.

  • Fixed the WYSIWYG (text content box) on iPads.

  • Disabled duplication of system default email templates from Admin > Settings.

Improvements 👌

  • Clarified that Cademy fees don't apply when payment is made outside of Cademy in the admin dashboard.

  • Displayed the full invoice amount in the admin dashboard if the invoice is unpaid or paid outside Cademy.

  • Redirected students to the review compose page after logging in.

  • Improved email code for better deliverability to NHS staff and Outlook emails.

  • Added Olly to authentication pages.

  • Enhanced the "Switch Educator" menu button on mobile devices.

  • Improved the "You Don't Have Access To This Educator" user interface.

  • Changed the image optimisation settings on the Marketplace.

  • Improved the dropdown for long course names in the course selector.

  • Beautified the logout interface.